Gems Chamber FAQ

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It is difficult for a layman to judge the originality of a gem. You need to use certain gemological equipment to make sure a gemstone is natural. Do not trust various ideas like scratching a gemstone with a glass, putting it in a refrigerator, heating, etc., these processes can damage the gemstone. If a gemstone is accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity from a reputed lab, you will know it is genuine or if it is treated or synthetic. All precious gemstones for sale at gemschamber,com comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from reputed laboratories.

Gems are selected on the basis of colour, clarity, and durability. A gem may vary from a lighter colour to a darker tone. The gem should be the right combination of hue, tone, and saturation. It should not be too light or too dark. And it is equally important that gemstone has good clarity. Supposedly, a clear sapphire will command higher price than a translucent sapphire. Sometimes, the placement and numbers of inclusions can cause durability issues. The clarity chart is given below:
IF – Internally Flawless
VVS1 & VVS2 – Very Very Small Inclusions
VS1 & VS2 – Very Small Inclusions
SI1 & SI2: Slightly Included
I – Included
IF, VVS1, VVS2 are judged as the best quality gemstones.

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Gems Chamber is backed by team of gemstone experts, 25 years of trust, 1 Lac+ happy customers & wide collection of 100% natural gemstones direct from mines. Gems Chamber is India’s #1 most trusted website to buy certified gemstones online. You get lifetime guarantee of gemstone purity and also entitled for full refund in case of any issue with authenticity. So, you can buy with full confidence & assurance at

The value of gemstone is decided by its rarity & quality. The quality mainly includes its colour, clarity/transparency, lustre, cut, shape & size. You can select the gemstone quality based on your choice & budget. Premium quality stones are rarely found in nature & thus highly valuable. Gems Chamber business model is direct from mines to customer. So, there are no middle men & thus the customer gets the gemstone at best price.

It takes gemological knowledge & expertise to identify a gemstone. So, be informed to buy a gemstone from a reputed place & with certificate of authenticity which clearly mentions if the gemstone is natural or synthetic and if any treatment has been done to enhance the gemstone.


Shipping within India

Gems Chamber offers free shipping on all orders within India. We deliver through safe & fast courier services like DTDC, Blue dart etc. We use Postal service for remote/rural areas where the courier companies have no service.